Chicken kijiyaki/teriyaki bento

Chicken kijiyaki/teriyaki bento

This is another old one, a really old one actually. According to the date of the photo I made this one exactly a year ago yesterday! It was some kind of cross between chicken kijiyaki and teriyaki, honeyed sweet potato slices, white sushi rice, sweet potato lettering and lettuce baran. The lettering spells “Cambs” which for those unfamiliar with England is a nickname for Cambridge. I was really excited about partying that night in Cambridge with my work colleagues, I made this for them, well to show them, I ate it. lol. I do remember it being very tasty, however I don’t think I was a fan of the sweet potatoes, but I do recall going off them at the time, I still prefer to eat squash instead actually.

I placed a self imposed ban upon myself not to buy anymore bento tools for a while, especially since I have some that I haven’t even used yet….well I might be breaking that soon he he.


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