Thai style “fish” cake bento

First off, apologies for my incredibly poor progress on this blog, my life suddenly took on whirlwind status, and everything seems to have been chucked at me (both good and bad) and blurred by so quickly, I can barely recall what happened when. As a result, my diet has become nonexistent. Not cooking or preparing any meals, consuming a lot of candy and redbull, and grabbing fast food on the go, combine that with the fact that I haven’t been to the gym in a month and have been treated to numerous meals out, it’s no wonder i’ve gained some weight and felt my health deterioate slightly. So excuses being pushed aside, I need to get back on the bento train! After a grocery shop, because my cupboards are pretty bare atm! In the meantime, to make up for the lack of bento, here’s one from before this blog.

Thais style “fish” cakes, which actually are made (if I recall correctly) with cashew nuts and chickpeas as the main base. They were spicy, flavourful and filling! They are sitting on a bed of cold soba noodles. (I didn’t actually rinse these off properly and felt quite sick after eating them.) Two purple onigiri, cucumber sticks and a peach fill up the second layer.

When you look back at older bentos, what differences do you notice? Sometimes I feel my older bentos looked better, well some of them, but I do think I’ve got better at balancing my food groups, often my older bentos had far too much carbs and not enough vegetables…this one being a prime example. Rice and Noodles?! Ha ha..oh well, plenty of time to continue improving!

Hope everyone is well! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Thai style “fish” cake bento

  1. Candy and red bull is not okay? Is what what I’m hearing? 😦

    The cashew/chickpea cakes sound amazing, and yeah, it’s tricky with soba and udon to rinse them enough. I fill my salad spinner with water (mine has a closed container that you can keep your rinsed salad greens in), rinse them in that, then give it a squick spin to dry them off enough so that they’ll hold their sauce 🙂 Works like a charm.

    • No, on the contrary, candy and redbull are fine in moderation. I couldn’t imagine life without them lol. However, candy and redbull all day everyday, breakfast, lunch and dinner…not ok. Ha ha. Yeah. I’ll have to try and find the recipe again. Oooh, good idea!! I dont have a salad spinner, but it’s on my never ending kitchen wishlist!!

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