A super cheat bento!

A super cheat bento!

Ok, so this isn’t the best debut for my new box, but oh well. I was late and rushing to get to work on time, so I just slopped in some chicken chasseur ish type dish, that was cooked for me (hence the super cheat, and I say ish because the recipe was adapted to add a lot more veggies), then I added some microwave rice and a little satsuma. It was quick, and messy, but it was hearty, healthy (minus the white rice, but it’s a small portion) and tasty…I think, ha, I’m suffering with a cold currently so everything tastes a bit mellow, I can’t really tell if I like them or not ha ha. I’m having a lot of fun catching up on all of your blogs! Better bentos to come! Promise.


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