Picnic Bento

Picnic Bento

A few weeks ago my friend and I had a picnic in the park, to celebrate my new job. This was my contribution to the picnic. Left hand side red box- There are two silicone cups of sundried tomatoes and one of Moroccan couscous. The yellow box in the centre contains filo parcels filled with spinach, mint and feta with quorn ham and gouda lettering. It says picnic time (in case you can’t see it properly). In the red box on the right there are quorn ham (my friend is a veggie) and gouda rolls. The purple box was actually my lunch. It contains a peanut butter sandwich with gouda and quorn ham stars, a slice of Mediterranean style quiche, some green pepper slices and a little foil cup full of minstrels.
I got so overwhelmed by all the delicious food on offer that I forgot to take a picture of the entire picnic. There were also chocolates and pretzels and fizzy candy, a falafel and sprout salad, humus and crudité and a fruit salad (that I forgot to include in the picture). Everything was utterly delicious, the weather was fantastic and we had a great time!


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