Easy Chili Bento

If I’m being completely honest, this chili was nothing special. It wasn’t awful, but nor was it good. It was just ok, ordinary, I don’t think I put enough seasoning in it, but what can be expected from a pot of “I’ll just chuck in anything I’ve got in the cupboard” Chili. That really was the case, can of borlotti beans, check, aduki beans, check, dried chipotle smoke jalapenos, check…you get the picture. The cheese I used to top it with was rather strong, so it did give it a tad more flavour. I cooked it in my slow cooker, for a very long time….it ended up with a little too much liquid in it, but it wasn’t a problem to strain that out. It was a huge batch, I had two lots for dinner, have taken this bento to work (back to my trusty aladdin once again.) and there are four more large portions in my freezer, ready for those moments when I just can’t make it to the store (or more likely, have whittled my money away on something frivolous.). So here is my chili bento, served with brown rice, topped with very mature cheddar cheese and two little pots of greek yogurt… does anyone else use this as a substitute for sour cream? Day off tomorrow, so I plan on doing an incredible amount of cleaning, and then ruining it all, by making lots of bento suitable meals!




Sweet Potato Salad Bento

Sweet Potato Salad Bento

I’ve been stuck in that rut of using the same bento box over and over again, recently. Relying on my trusty ol’ aladdin bento, just chuck it in and you’re good to go. But I felt it was time to dust off, some of my best loved (although least used) bento boxes, and give them a go in the spotlight again. This bento, is rather messy…and the first bento I’ve actually done in a while. It’s very simple, an undressed beetroot and leaf salad, roasted sweet potato wedges with red onion and chesnuts, and a satsuma…now I did rather naughtily accompany this lunch with three bags of candy..tut tut.
Have to say, at my new job, my lunches get much more notice, everyone ooh’s and ahh’s over my boxes and even my food (despite it’s blatant lack of prettiness or effort of late). Here’s to spreading the bento love!