Mini meatballs bento

I spent a lot of time cooking bulk amounts of food yesterday,  so I have lots of stuff for bentos!! This was my lunch today. 

From left to right we have; quinoa salad,  containing, broccoli, sweetcorn, pepper and tomatoes. Honey sweetened, roasted butternut squash and brussel sprouts, mini turkey meatballs,  and red and green grapes. It was very yummy,  but I feel like this bento box isn’t quite large enough for my appetite. 


Lazy bentos and Christmas cookies

Is it really a bento if all you’ve done is chucked leftovers or a salad in a box? Well as you’ve probably noticed, thats what the majority of my bentos have been recently.  So my bento resolution for the new year ( I know I’m rather early) shall be to make more creative bentos. But in the meantime here are some more lazy ones!


Today’s lunch,  of leftover Chinese. Sweet and sour chicken and plain chow mein.


Quinoa salad,  containing asparagus, picolo cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn and pepper.  This made quite a few lunches!


Last two aren’t bentos,  this is what I’ve had for breakfast a lot recently! Breakfast burritos,  don’t ask me how I rolled this one up, I can only put it down to a miracle! It has turkey bacon,  herby scrambled eggs, avocado and cheddar cheese on a white and wheat wrap. Absolutely delicious.  I was sad when I ran out of Turkey bacon and wraps. And finally,  my awful snapchat picture of toffee and pecan cookies I made as Christmas gifts. 


Happy holidays everyone!!


A quick advertising post of a local business today.  This awesome young girl has her own bakery business,  with custom made cakes. They’re impressive to look at, beautifully crafted with rich colours. Inspiring too! Here’s a couple I purchased from her. Which I must admit,  I gave away as gifts,  but I was told they were fantastic!!

Aren’t they cool!! You probably recognise them,  of course it’s Elmo and The Cookie Monster from Sesame Street! The eyes for both are white chocolate buttons and the face is icing. Real chocolate chip cookie for the Cookie Monster, and fondant make up the rest of Elmo’s features.  I did sample a brownie from her selection,  which was superb, high praise from someone who doesn’t actually like brownies,  shame I didn’t take a photo of that.
Why don’t you go check out her website?


I’m posting this a bit late,  very late for my household actually.  For we had “fakesgiving” instead.  Now what is “fakesgiving” you may ask, quite simply Thanksgiving not on Thanksgiving.  It started off as a bit of a joke,  but it caught on quickly.  Being in the UK,  means I have to request to have Thanksgiving off of work,  and unfortunately this year I couldn’t have it. So instead I took the week before off and my father came to visit and we had Thanksgiving a week early.  It didn’t matter so much to us,  we spent time with each other and our friends, isn’t that really the best part? Dad and I had a long day cooking,  here are the fruits of our labour.

The full table. Flowers kindly given to me by a lovely friend,  awesome giant wine glass from John Lewis.  Our feast included; pork and crackling, greens, black eyed peas,  creamed corn,  mashed potatoes (done in a slow cooker), dressing, green bean casserole, mac n cheese, biscuits, cornbread, sweet potato and pecan pies. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving,  who out there took part in Black Friday,  and cyber Monday?