Tilapia bento

Oh my, oh my was this a delicious bento.  I cannot wait to have this again. Using a recipe from Shape magazine as a guideline,  I sauteed Tilapia fillets in lime juice, chili and cumin,  then I topped it with a salsa made from corn, cucumber, onion, avocado and cilantro (coriander). The flavour was simply wonderful. I was a bit concerned about the juices leaking through to the rest of the food, so I made a little baran out of foil and also placed a carrot in there.  On the other side is a peeled satsuma and some strawberries. Our strawberry season hasn’t started yet,  but these were still very nice.


I also wanted to share with you, what has been the majority of my breakfasts the last couple of weeks. It’s absolutely delicious, healthy, but the best part about it, is that it tastes decadent, so I feel like I’m starting my day off with a treat,  and it means I don’t crave candy as much later on.


To make this smoothie, I’ve blended ice, Greek yogurt, oats, frozen mango and mixed berries and orange and lime juice. I tried putting milk in it one time instead of juice, but I wasn’t a fan of the flavour that produced.

What are you starting your day with?
Happy weekend everyone


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