Egg “fried” rice bento


A quick and simple bento. Wholegrain rice mixed with scrambled eggs,  red onion, tomatoes and pepper.  Two cupcake cases with almonds and green grapes.


Egg and rice bento


My pitiful attempt at charaben. It’s just far too fiddly for me. I originally wanted to make my eggs into bumblebees, but they looked appalling, so I made them into eyes instead. Much easier, I did consider making a smiley face, but laziness stepped in. This bento contains wholegrain rice, with parsley grass and sweetcorn flowers, there’s also some more sweetcorn underneath the rice. One halved hard boiled egg, with nori on a bed of mixed salad leaves. In the silicone cup is peanut butter.  I took an apple to dip in the peanut butter.

Station Steakhouse

For a colleague’s leaving party, we went to a relatively new restaurant in town. I was majorly excited, as I knew of the restaurants sister eateries,  and had been wanting to try it ever since it opened. Alas a busy schedule kept me away, until now. The Station Steakhouse,  specialises in grilled meats,  particularly exotic food. Now I know everyone has a different view on what “exotic” is, but where I’m from this is pretty out there,  and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.


This was my meal. A mixed grill board. It contained from front of the meat pile to the back; water buffalo, wild boar sausage, ostrich and mouflon. I loved everything except the mouflon. The wild boar came in at the top for me. Also on the menu was Kangaroo and crocodile. They sometimes have shark and reindeer, everything depends on the season. I would definitely go back, or should I say I will be going back. Great service, lovely atmosphere. Individual hand towels in the bathroom instead of paper ones or a dryer. My work has already booked the Christmas meal there.