Egg and rice bento


My pitiful attempt at charaben. It’s just far too fiddly for me. I originally wanted to make my eggs into bumblebees, but they looked appalling, so I made them into eyes instead. Much easier, I did consider making a smiley face, but laziness stepped in. This bento contains wholegrain rice, with parsley grass and sweetcorn flowers, there’s also some more sweetcorn underneath the rice. One halved hard boiled egg, with nori on a bed of mixed salad leaves. In the silicone cup is peanut butter.  I took an apple to dip in the peanut butter.


4 thoughts on “Egg and rice bento

  1. Charaben are fiddly!
    I do try but sometimes just loose my patience. This bento looks still cute though, the egg eyes are almost like being ‘surprised’ to have joined the party…LOL.
    And it is a very healthy bento.

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