Roasted chicken bento


Simple bento of a roasted chicken thigh,  no skin,  sliced cucumber,  red pepper, and a cup of sweetcorn.  I also took fruit and rice cakes. I’m keeping my healthy eating up these days and have so far lost 7lbs!


Bulgar Wheat salad bento


Back to healthy eating! Or trying to anyway.  Bulgar wheat and cous cous salad with steak pieces, pepper, cucumber, tomato,  and avocado, with a lemon juice and olive oil dressing.  Side of celery with peanut butter.  I also took a satsuma and an apple.  The steak pieces were a little salty for me, but it was still quite good. X

Fried pork and Tamagoyaki bento

I received my awesome prize from Pepper Bento ‘s competition yesterday.  Thanks so much Pepper,  can’t wait to use them.

I was pleased with todays bento,  simple, quick to cook,  but delicious and filling!

Boiled carrots,  black Thai glutinous rice, Tamagoyaki and fried pork.  I’m really struggling with the lighting currently, unfortunately with it being winter,  and with the fact that I live in a top floor flat, running downstairs to take a picture in the car park isn’t really an option.  The best light is in my kitchen,  but I’m having issues with my shadow. What are your lighting tips and tricks? Happy Weekend everyone. 

Panko crusted mustard salmon bento

I really struggled with the cooking for this bento. I don’t know why as I don’t usually, but I couldn’t get the oil at the right temperature and I couldn’t get the panko to brown all in all for me the food just came out ok.

Honey mustard salmon fillet with panko crust, homehomemade sweet potato and regular fries, sweetcorn and carrot flowers (rather hard to see). I packed a mini cup of ketchup as well. Probably not the best of foods to be reheated,  but oh well.

Sesame chicken bento

My first bento of 2014,  and it’s better than the ones I’ve been doing recently,  plus it’s delicious (I know because it’s dinner leftovers). Sesame chicken,  with green beans and sushi rice adorned with little nori snowflakes,  I used a craft hole puncher from eBay, worked brilliantly! My one qualm with this bento….too much green.  Next time I’ll aim for more colour!! Happy new year everyone!!