Easy Chili Bento

If I’m being completely honest, this chili was nothing special. It wasn’t awful, but nor was it good. It was just ok, ordinary, I don’t think I put enough seasoning in it, but what can be expected from a pot of “I’ll just chuck in anything I’ve got in the cupboard” Chili. That really was the case, can of borlotti beans, check, aduki beans, check, dried chipotle smoke jalapenos, check…you get the picture. The cheese I used to top it with was rather strong, so it did give it a tad more flavour. I cooked it in my slow cooker, for a very long time….it ended up with a little too much liquid in it, but it wasn’t a problem to strain that out. It was a huge batch, I had two lots for dinner, have taken this bento to work (back to my trusty aladdin once again.) and there are four more large portions in my freezer, ready for those moments when I just can’t make it to the store (or more likely, have whittled my money away on something frivolous.). So here is my chili bento, served with brown rice, topped with very mature cheddar cheese and two little pots of greek yogurt… does anyone else use this as a substitute for sour cream? Day off tomorrow, so I plan on doing an incredible amount of cleaning, and then ruining it all, by making lots of bento suitable meals!




Squished Bento!

Squished Bento!

This was yesterdays lunch for work. Left tier, which is incredibly squished.. I had less room than I thought. Two slices of Mediterranean style quiche, slices of corn on the cob and two little cheese sticks (actually becoming a little addicted to these!), right tier is bacon and chorizo salad. The salad is leftover from dinner, my friend cooked us all a lovely meal, Chinese chicken, the salad and mushroom chow mein, I wanted some of the noodles in my bento, but somebody beat me to the leftovers…it’s survival of the fittest out here! ha ha.

Quinoa (failed) bento

Recently I’ve been experimenting with quinoa, I use the term experimenting loosely as so far I’ve only made two dishes and they’ve both been similar. I’m finding it to be a pleasant textured, versatile grain. I first made a quinoa salad, (which regrettably I forgot to take a picture of, which is a same because it looked pretty) it contained cherry tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, asparagus, butternut squash and feta cheese. It was utterly delicious and healthy to boot! Huzzah. So imagine my surprise when I made one similar and it tasted vile, I had to chuck it, couldn’t force it down. This one contained; yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, avocado and black eyed peas. I think it was the peas that ruined it, but oh well, you win some and you lose some. I packed the bento without trying my new dish ( learnt my lesson there!), and took it to work today, everything else was fine.



SAM_0833 Bottom tier (on right): Quinoa Salad

Top tier (on left): Blueberries, sliced strawberries, ham and cheese roll ups and a sauce pot containing simple olive oil dressing for salad.

First time I used that sauce pot, it’s really for a thicker sauce, but it held just fine.

I’ve been experimenting with my camera, I quite like this shot! Maybe a photography course would come in handy!

Mish mash, picnic bento

Mish mash, picnic bento

This is a bento from while I wasn’t posting regularly, my friend and I went shopping in Cambridge for the day, and we both brought relatively healthy lunches with us. I say mish mash, because it is just a random mix of food, one of those clear out your pantry type moments.

Starting from center top and going clockwise. Homemade granola; I made it with oats, a collection of cereal pieces (all the bottom of the bag), and almonds, drizzled with natural honey and cinnamon, sliced corn on the cob, carrot sticks and one mixed brown and white sushi rice onigiri, fruit pot containing a checkered apple, pear slices, more mixed rice onigiri, pepper slices and ham/pepperoni and cheese roll ups. This was the first time I’d used my star, flower and heart shape onigiri moulds, they didn’t turn out too well, but practice makes perfect!

Overall it was a good meal, will definitely be making my own granola again in the future! Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend!

P.S. excuse the poor picture, it was taken on my phone.