Salmon and rice bento

So simple it barely counts as a bento,  but here it is anyway. I was trying not to buy anything and only use what I have.  Unfortunately,  I’m rather low on veg.

Black Thai glutinous rice,  honeyed salmon flakes,  shredded nori and sesame seeds.  It was yummy,  but not at all filling. 


Sesame chicken bento

My first bento of 2014,  and it’s better than the ones I’ve been doing recently,  plus it’s delicious (I know because it’s dinner leftovers). Sesame chicken,  with green beans and sushi rice adorned with little nori snowflakes,  I used a craft hole puncher from eBay, worked brilliantly! My one qualm with this bento….too much green.  Next time I’ll aim for more colour!! Happy new year everyone!!