What I’ve been up to.

I’m back…again! I know I’ve been rather flaky with posting lately. I moved a couple of months back, and I’ve only just managed to get internet set up. Plus, being in charge of everything by myself for once whilst trying to get to grips with my new job overwhelmed me a tad. Nevertheless, I have still been baking and cooking, but actually not a whole lot of bento-ing, and I haven’t taken as many pictures as I wish I’d had. Especially since there’s no evidence of some of the best work I did over the past few months, alas. I can always make them again!!

So here’s a lil peak of some of what I’ve been up to whilst I’ve been gone.


A simple chicken fajita with greek yogurt, cheese and fresh pico de gallo that I made to take to work.


My first time attempting chicken katsu. Not a particularly pretty picture, but it was utterly delicious. I made enough for myself and a friend. I have to say. I had trouble getting the chicken to cook right through without the coating getting too brown.


My friend and I stuffed some mini pumpkins with orzo, peppers, parmesan and garlic. Very simple, but tasty. The one on the right fitted into the palm of my hand!! How cute! We also both tried the skins for the first time, surprisingly nice!


Another rubbish picture, but this was a recipe I tried from a Tesco magazine. Simple prawn stirfry with a lovely peanut dressing.

I’ve decided that now once a fortnight I shall try a new recipe from one of my cookbooks or magazines, and then post the results on here. It’s my way of trying to get myself to actually use all the untouched cookbooks sitting in my kitchen! Does anyone else constantly buy cookbooks, and just look through them without actually making anything from them?

Whilst I was internetless I also finally tried Yo Sushi! Now, more of a fusion than traditional Japanese food, but personally I thought everything was creative and utterly delicious! I tried sooo many dishes, spent an absolute fortune…well not quite, but a lot for a restaurant! I unfortunately didn’t take many pictures as I was too busy Snapchatting, does anyone else use this app? Ever since I’ve started using it, I Snapchat everything, but forget to take permanent pictures! Anyway. One of the best things I had was the chocolate Mochi. So morish, but very sickly. I couldn’t eat much more after I’d had that. This is the only picture I’ve got, (minus one of all my empty dishes ha ha)


A Katsu roll! How cool?! They had such a variety of different things that I’d never even think of creating, I definitely ate too much, and still didn’t try everything. I can’t wait to go back. Have any of you been? What do you think of Yo Sushi?

Hope everyone has a good week. Happy Halloween in advance! What are all your plans this year?