Simple, very green chicken salad bento

Simple, very green chicken salad bento

Do you feel, that when you just chuck something like this in and go, that it doesn’t really count as a bento? I do, I don’t feel my “bento’s” really classify as bentos currently. Since staying with my friend ( I’ll be here for a couple more months) bentos have been far and few between, I’m tending just to eat oatmeal at work.

This was an incredibly quick, plain, jam packed salad, however the chicken was so well seasoned that it was incredibly flavourful. You can’t see all of the ingredients unfortunately, but it contained; Lettuce, Cucumber, Green pepper, Tomato and Roast Chicken. This little SpongeBob box has a slightly domed lid, so I could fit in more than I thought!

I promise, more regular, worthy bentos will return!




I feel like all I’m doing lately is apologising for not updating the blog a lot, so once more I’m sorry. Things are very hectic, moved out (although after three months I’ll be moving again lol), trying to find a new job and study online, life is just flying by!

Moving on…LOOK WHAT I GOT!!! Ok, so unless you love SpongeBob, this probably isn’t very cool, but I thought it was awesome, I don’t think it’s going to hold a particularly large amount of food, but oh well. It was £1, how could I possibly resist!! That’s all, very brief I know, I’ll be back properly soon.