Sweet Potato Salad Bento

Sweet Potato Salad Bento

I’ve been stuck in that rut of using the same bento box over and over again, recently. Relying on my trusty ol’ aladdin bento, just chuck it in and you’re good to go. But I felt it was time to dust off, some of my best loved (although least used) bento boxes, and give them a go in the spotlight again. This bento, is rather messy…and the first bento I’ve actually done in a while. It’s very simple, an undressed beetroot and leaf salad, roasted sweet potato wedges with red onion and chesnuts, and a satsuma…now I did rather naughtily accompany this lunch with three bags of candy..tut tut.
Have to say, at my new job, my lunches get much more notice, everyone ooh’s and ahh’s over my boxes and even my food (despite it’s blatant lack of prettiness or effort of late). Here’s to spreading the bento love!


Another quinoa salad bento

Another quinoa salad bento

Very quick, thrown together bento of quinoa salad and roasted sweet and new potatoes. This time around the quinoa salad contains; sweetcorn, cucumber, red pepper, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and onion. This salad, was much better than the last one I posted about… could have used a little more onion, and it’s a tad on the bland side, however I do prefer mine to be that way so I can make a dressing, but I didn’t pack one this time. I simply sliced new potatoes and a sweet potato and roasted them in olive oil. Tasty and filling.

Chicken kijiyaki/teriyaki bento

Chicken kijiyaki/teriyaki bento

This is another old one, a really old one actually. According to the date of the photo I made this one exactly a year ago yesterday! It was some kind of cross between chicken kijiyaki and teriyaki, honeyed sweet potato slices, white sushi rice, sweet potato lettering and lettuce baran. The lettering spells “Cambs” which for those unfamiliar with England is a nickname for Cambridge. I was really excited about partying that night in Cambridge with my work colleagues, I made this for them, well to show them, I ate it. lol. I do remember it being very tasty, however I don’t think I was a fan of the sweet potatoes, but I do recall going off them at the time, I still prefer to eat squash instead actually.

I placed a self imposed ban upon myself not to buy anymore bento tools for a while, especially since I have some that I haven’t even used yet….well I might be breaking that soon he he.